“Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.”

― Charles William Eliot

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The Comfort Factor

  What does one do when one is sick and tired of everything? When it came to those rare periods of time where I had truly enough of boring textbooks, I turned to what was reliable and decidedly left responsibilities out the window. This meant that the pile of to-be-read books continued gathering dust on the table. And no, I… Read more →

No chill.

The End of an Era… and Getting Back into the Swing of Things

It’s been a while since I’ve penned my personal thoughts, let alone written book reviews. The past four years have been full of writing, though none of the type that revolved around young adult literature, fiction or even fun. I knowingly made the choice to focus the majority of my waking hours around university, campus life and work experiences. It… Read more →

Toyota Classics 2014 - Pamela and Vasko

[Media Invite] 25th Toyota Classics Charity Asian Tour

Title: 25th Toyota Classics Charity Asian Tour Loved it Graded Orchestra: Covent Garden Soloists Orchestra Soloists: Vasko Vassilev and Pamela Tan Nicholson Location: Marina Bay Sands I was honoured to be invited to the one-night only Singapore concert at the 25th Anniversary Toyota Classics Charity Asian Tour. Held earlier in October, the concert took on classical music and popular movie scores,… Read more →

Singapore Writers Festival 2014

[Media Invite] Singapore Writers Festival 2014

  The Singapore Writers Festival is BACK in its 17th edition! Easily Singapore’s most anticipated literary event, this year’s theme revolves around ‘The Prospect of Beauty’, which “celebrates beauty in writing, literature and the world around us.” Already I’ve noted a few authors whose works that I have been aiming to read, and dying to meet. By the time this post… Read more →