Interview with Jennifer L. Armentrout (+ Contest)

Hi Jennifer, thanks for being here! We had a Twitter conversation the other day, and you mentioned that you have maybe 9, 10 books coming out in these couple of years. Will you tell me more about them, which series they are from and approximately how many books per series?

Thanks for having me today! Okay. Big gasp. The Covenant Series has four books, and two novellas. I’ll list them in order of publication: Daimon: A prequel to Half-Blood (04/2011), Half-Blood (10/2011), Pure (04/2012), Deity (11/2012) A novella from Aiden’s POV (winter 2012/2013), and the 4th and planned final novel (Spring 2013)

Cursed (09/2012) is a standalone novel at this time.

Obsidian (Lux 1-12/2011), Obsidian 2 (03/2012) and there is a third planned book with no hard release date at this time.

I also have three adults novels, which will release under a pen name that are all slated for release in Summer 2012. There are no definite dates at this time, but Entangled Publishing should have something on their website soon. There is also a YA thriller that I am working on with my agent.

That’s a lot of books! How do you juggle writing that many books, that many different main stories with its different story arcs and characters?

The main thing I do is I only write in one “world” at a time. So when I’m writing for the Covenant Series, that is all I am focusing on. I also typically only write one book from one series at a time to keep me from being burned out on the world. I have to be super carefully that the voice from one novel doesn’t carry over to another novel.

How long does it take for you to finish a book, from the basic plot to the completion of the first draft?

It depends on the novel. Half-Blood took me about three months to write, but I’d been thinking of the plot and characters for years before I started actually seriously writing it. Revision on that took over a year, mainly out of self-doubt. Pure took about three months from beginning to draft to finish. Obsidian took 8 days for the first draft. Deity and the adult novels each took around a month to write.

Readers have noted the similarities between HALF-BLOOD and the Vampire Academy series written by Richelle Mead. Do you want to comment on that?

I’ve seen some reviews mentioning this. It’s actually very flattering. Mead is an awesome writer, so you can’t help but feel a bit warm and fuzzy. I even saw in a Daimon review were someone mentioned the Mortal Instruments Series and Percy Jackson. I think whenever there is a super-popular series that has a lot of fans, you tend to see similarities in other series. We call it the “Twilight Phenomenon.”

I’ve haven’t read Percy Jackson (seen the movie, though!) and read VA in November of 2010 after my editor compared Half-Blood to a mix of VA and Percy Jackson. That got me curious, so I wanted to read. I do plan on reading Percy Jackson at some point. Keep in mind, I wrote Half-Blood in early 2008. Publishing runs very slowly in most cases. So it’s very flattering to see those comparisons. My only concern is if people read the Covenant Series hoping it will be just like the VA series, they’ll going to ultimately be disappointed, because it is very, very different once you get passed the first couple of chapters and also when you get to the sequel and going further.

I noticed that the name of main character of OBSIDIAN, Daemon, is similar to the creatures in the Covenant series, Daimon. Though they do sound different, Daemon pronounced Damon, I guess, and Daimon as demon. Why is that?

Haha. See, I’ve always had this fascination with the name Daemon, and originally Aiden’s name was Daemon, but that changed when I named the creatures daimons (which is Greek for demons). So I decided I wanted to use Daemon’s name…when my publisher on the Covenant Series saw Daemon’s name on the Obsidian series, they were like, “Oh, noes…” So it was mostly an accident on my part, but a reader of mine pointed out that a lot of my character names sound the same: Aiden, Daemon, and Hayden. So maybe it’s a subconscious thing.

Your blog has a lot of information for readers to find out more about your writing, books and my favourite, contests to win some special items. You’re also pretty active on Twitter. What are some of your other methods of reaching out to readers?

That’s pretty much it. There’s a facebook fanpage where things are updated on, and a new website coming soon where everything will be streamlined.

What’s next for us readers next year?

Lots of books. =) A really cool contest coming up soon to win a loaded Kindle. In Obsidian, the main character is a book blogger, so she will have her own blog. So that’s pretty cool.

That is cool. I haven’t seen a book blogger as a main character yet, and it’ll be interesting to see how she’s like. And a loaded Kindle as a prize?! Thank you so much for the interview, Jennifer!

Thank you for having me!

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    I’m so excited! I love Half-Blood! I won an ARC of it but I still need Daimon!

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    Awesome interview – I love her stories! Thanks for hosting!

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    Great Interview!


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