Industry Insight [3]: Georgia McBride, founder of Month9Books

Industry Insight features various members of the publishing industry—from editors and publicists, authors and bloggers, bookstore owners and book buyers. Their diverse experience will give us an insight into the process behind getting books onto shelves.

Are you familiar with #YALITCHAT? Per the description on the website:

#YAlitchat is a weekly twitter chat for anyone involved in the writing, editing, marketing or publishing of Young Adult literature. We welcome readers, librarians, teachers, parents, booksellers, packagers, etc. to engage in discussions concerning the market, craft, the classroom, teens, shelving, content, policy, etc.

Here today is its creator, Georgia McBride, who’s also the founder of Month9Books, the newly launched publisher of New Adult, Young Adult and Middle Grade speculative fiction. Check out the mermaid on the logo.

Hi Georgia! Thanks so much for dropping by. Month9Books is a new publisher, and I’m excited to find out more about it and its books. Tell us more about Month9Books, what general readers might not know!

General readers probably don’t care so much about the publisher as they do the authors and the books.

(Liyana: That’s true. Duh, Liyana.)

We aim to deliver great books, rich characters, and accessible authors. I want readers to know that there are real, live authors out there creating stories and characters just for them. Not all wonderful stories were written a million years ago by now-dead writers!

One of the Month9Books books I recently read is Two and Twenty Dark Tales. It’s a charity anthology, whereby proceeds go to a charity you admire. Which charity is TaTDT proceeds going to?

Two and Twenty Dark Tales proceeds are being donated to YALITCHAT.ORG.

Now here’s a question for writers: What’s the submission process at Month9Books?

Anyone can submit to us via our Facebook page, or via one of our contests. Agents may reach us directly through normal channels. We try to respond within 4 weeks.

What do you look for when reading a book or choosing a manuscript?

I look for the same thing as anyone: an interesting story, rich and engaging characters, something that stays with me long after reading.

What’s up next for Month9Books? Any titles we should look out for?

Lots and lots. In January we have a fun middle grade fantasy called Gabriel Stone and the Divinity of Valta about a kid who finds a magic crystal while hiking with friends near the place where his mother disappeared.

Then there is A Shimmer of Angels, a book about a girl who has spent a lot of time in treatment of apparent mental problems—namely seeing angels. She finally gets her life together, starts a new school, and even gets a job. But then the angels come back and start killing her schoolmates, and she has to decide if she can keep quiet, for the sake of her sanity, or stop the killings by revealing what she knows. Exciting times.

Thanks for dropping by, Georgia!

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