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LiyanaLand was founded in 2009 and grew from a far too long to-read book list into a website that aims to focus on Young Adult fiction, South-east Asian and Singapore literature and arts. Aside from spending eighty percent of her time peering at her mum’s iPad, Liyana spends the other twenty percent checking out book, film and arts festivals, as well as exploring the area and being a local tourist.

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Liyana and LiyanaLand have been featured:

  • on Youth.SG as a guest book reviewer;
  • in Berita Harian (24 January 2013);
  • as a panelist on All In! Young Writers Media Festival 2013;
  • as a book columnist in WAVES Lifestyle Magazine (2013);
  • as the co-organizer of the Asian Festival of Children’s Content 2013’s Blogging Seminars;
  • as a moderator at the Asian Festival of Children’s Content 2013’s Blogging Seminars;
  • by the Public Library of Singapore with an Online Advocate Award during its Customer Appreciation Day 2013.


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